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First Day of the New Year

So today was the beginning of the New Year, 2010, and I have to say, I rather enjoyed the day off and the time with my family.

Today, I slept in and was awoken by my wife telling me that breakfast was ready at a very early 11am. After breakfast and beginning to get ready for our day, I realized it wasn’t Saturday yet, and I get another whole day like this.

We made our way to the mall to buy me some new jeans (I was in desperate need of some, as the ones I had been wearing were wearing quite thin). We spent a few hours there, which went by so quickly, before we finally came home to just play with my son and give him some dinner before sending off to bed. I really love getting to spend time with my “buddy”.

After that, it was “mom and dad” time. We took advantage of that by spending a little time on the computers before having our favorite movie night dinner – chicken fingers. Yum!

I’m finally heading off to bed… and well, I get to do a day like this all over again tomorrow. I love my family.