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Catching up with Finances

So tonight was a busy night, I spent pretty much my entire night catching up on getting our finances in order. (Okay, I did manage to have some time playing Legos with my 11 month old and dinner with my family.)

It’s amazing how difficult it is to keep track of everything when you use the credit/debit card instead of just cash, but it made things easier when we were shopping. (Don’t tell Dave Ramsey I said that.) I had everything caught up two weeks before Christmas, but hadn’t gotten a chance to enter data into Money until tonight. I didn’t realize I was that far behind until I looked at the pile of credit card receipts from various merchants who were willing to help me lighten my wallet a little bit. In a way, it did kind of the opposite, because I had like 20 receipts (no exaggeration) in my wallet. That made for a pretty fat wallet and very uncomfortable to sit on.

Needless to say, my wallet is once again skinny and light, and I finally feel caught up on managing our personal finances.

Note to self: try not to get so far behind next time.