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First Beach Experience

Today is Julianne’s birthday and we decided to make the trip up to Traverse City, Michigan. There is a resort that I grew up going to with my parents and brother, that we decided to visit. Every room has a beautiful view of the Grand Traverse Bay with a private and pretty quiet beachfront. Although […]

My Son’s First Birthday

Yesterday was my son’s first birthday.  Wow, I can’t believe it’s gone by so fast. It seems like just yesterday that he could barely hold his own head up, and now he’s constantly on the move. Now it seems like he doesn’t want to he sit still for a minute. He’s such a joy in […]

First Day of the New Year

So today was the beginning of the New Year, 2010, and I have to say, I rather enjoyed the day off and the time with my family. Today, I slept in and was awoken by my wife telling me that breakfast was ready at a very early 11am. After breakfast and beginning to get ready […]

Last Guys’ Night of the Year

Tonight my brother and I are hanging out (as we do every other Tuesday), except tonight is the last one of the year. I’m sure it will be good. We’re going to eat some leftover Christmas turkey and watch a couple of movies (District 9 and Tropical Thunder). Because my brother is such an avid […]

Mother’s Day Picnic at Millenium Park

For my first Mother’s day, I requested we celebrate by having a picnic in the park. We picked up subway sandwiches and ate at Millenium Park. We walked around the park and enjoyed our time together. Kaden slept the whole time, which was OK since it was a little chilly in the wind.

Easter Sunday

Dad wasn’t feeling well, but we didn’t want to miss celebrating with Kaden for his first Easter. We went to church and thanked God for sacrificing his only Son for us. This year we really began to understand how that must have hurt God – what love! We went to Grandma and Grandpa Minnie’s house […]