Jekyll and

  • Joshua Minnie
  • 08-13-2013

I just read the article, Launching from the developers of Jekyll and was definitely impressed with the power that it has to support a site of that scale. Of course there is probably hardware to back up the site itself, but as a CMS, Jekyll can pull it's own weight. There were a few plugins that they developed in order to support customized behavior, which if you're hosting a Jekyll site on Github then you won't be able to benefit from the use of plugins because Github runs in safe mode, but Jekyll was what is powering the site. Since Jekyll really compliments my workflow very well, I've definitely become a huge proponent of what it can do. It's exciting to hear about large scale sites using...

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Automated Tasks

  • Joshua Minnie
  • 08-12-2013

I (…) am rarely happier than when spending an entire day programming my computer to perform automatically a task that would otherwise take me a good ten seconds to do by hand. Douglas Adams

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Hello World

  • Joshua Minnie
  • 06-20-2013

Everyone needs a "Hello World" post, so why should I be any different? Actually, this is my first post after migrating to a Jekyll hosted site. After only a few minutes getting my initial site published, I am already enjoying the freedom I have unattached from a service like WordPress. Don't get me wrong, WordPress is a great tool for publishing a blog, but a Jekyll powered site just seems to fit my workflow better. Why Jekyll? I currently have a number of sites that I manage which are powered by WordPress, Expression Engine or similar content management systems. On each one of them, when managing content, I would find myself back in my text editor "finessing" the markup. So I decided to make the change to just...


  • Joshua Minnie
  • 01-02-2013

Have you ever been driving down the road and a few minutes later you wonder how you got to where you were? How did I actually make it through the traffic lights or stop signs? I know that I have. I drive the same path to work everyday of the week and since its such a repetitive path (and early in the morning), I tend to drive on autopilot. There have been a handful of times that I have gotten halfway to work and wondered, "Was that last light even green?" I think a lot of Christians do just that in their relationship with God. We know He's always there Deut 31:8 because He promised us that He wouldn't leave us, but so many of us are walking...

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Smartphone Market Share

  • Joshua Minnie
  • 11-30-2011

For those of you looking for statistics that might help you determine which smartphones will be around long term, here are some links from Gartner Research that should shed some light on whose really winning the "smartphone war". Newest links at the top. Gartner Says Worldwide Smartphone Sales Soared in Fourth Quarter of 2011 With 47 Percent Growth Gartner Says Sales of Mobile Devices Grew 5.6 Percent in Third Quarter of 2011; Smartphone Sales Increased 42 Percent Gartner Says Sales of Mobile Devices in Second Quarter of 2011 Grew 16.5 Percent Year-on-Year; Smartphone Sales Grew 74 Percent I'm definitely an iOS fan, but the most recent statistics are showing that Android seems to be coming out on top as far as consumers are concerned, with Microsoft's Windows Phone...

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